How was Hunter Lab started – trendy Melbourne’s men’s skin care brand designed for the modern men

Mens skin care new expectations

In today’s society, the modern men is no longer expected to be ungroomed, unwashed cavemen. Gone are the days when if a man moisturised he was considered unmanly or girly, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Why shouldn’t a man have soft, nourished skin? Men have different skin care needs compared to women, so they shouldn’t have to deal with repackaged women’s products.

Based in Victoria, Hunter Lab was designed with true Australian men in mind. Men shouldn’t have to use women’s products, or chemical-ridden skin care which is designed with men in mind. Hunter Lab wanted to encourage today’s modern men to live a better, healthier lifestyle through fantastic skincare products. Using high quality and natural ingredients, Hunter Lab wants to provide a unique range of products for men by making sure they’re catering for their unique needs.

With a team of people with years of experience in marketing, packaging design and cosmetic product development, Hunter Lab was created. Using their wide range of knowledge in the cosmetic skincare industry, they designed some truly wonderful products to help the modern men achieve his skincare needs. Using a sleek design on all their products, the Hunter Lab range looks as great as it feels. Using all natural ingredients and formulating them using ways which doesn’t compromise the integrity of the original plant but which helps get the most out of them and utilise them to their full effect.

How Hunter Lab strive to become Australia’s top mens skin care and products for men?

Hunter Lab products don’t use any man-made ingredients as while these ingredients haven’t been proven to be directly harmful to the skin, after a prolonged period of using these ingredients, the skin can become drier, more prone to aging and can actually clog pores. Hunter Lab products are free from all of these non-natural ingredients because of their belief in the benefits of natural ingredients.


Hunter Lab provide a wide range of face, body and hair products (because, once again, having great hair shouldn’t only be for women) which all have different benefits, from mens anti aging skin care, mens exfoliators like the cleansing face scrub and exfoliating scrub, and even mens shampoo and mens conditioner, etc… so you should be able to find something that suits your needs. We also have gift sets so when you’ve tried our products and want to spread the word to your friends and loved ones, you can buy them a gift set of your favourite products, complete with a classy bag to store the products in.

Hunter Lab truly want the best for men and their skin, by using sleek their design and signature mens skin care ingredients and beautiful scent. Their products will leave your skin soft, reduce the effects of aging and make you look and feel amazing. All of Hunter Lab’s mens grooming products are quick and easy to use that it won’t impact your day to day life. In fact, we’re so sure that you’ll love them because of the simplicity in their design and all natural ingredients – not only that, you will simply appreciate the products for what they are.

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