Battle of the Natural Foundations

Wearing no makeup is the new makeup. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with flawless skin and some of us need a slight boost to help flaunt our natural beauty. Hence the rise of natural foundations to help us look our amazing selves (with a little help from makeup). In the battle of natural foundations there are three companies that come out on top. But which one is the best?

Vapour Organic Beauty

Vapour Organic Beauty were founded in Taos in New Mexico and in their own words they ‘blur the line between skincare and makeup’. They have a commitment to pure organic ingredients without compromising the luxury feel of their products. Their soft focus liquid foundation is made from plant oils and mineral pigments which will leave your skin feeling nourished and glowing. At the same time it highlights your skin and evens it out. It also contains frankincense and lotus to protect, soother a calm your skin. In the world of natural beauty this foundation really looks after you, while leaving you with flawless natural skin.

W3LL People

W3LL People are another company which strives to achieve the most natural makeup possible. Delivering non-toxic products – W3LL People believes that since our skin is our largest organ, we should be taking better care of it, including our makeup. Their narcissist foundation stick is smooth and creamy, leaving your face feeling light as if you had no makeup on at all. Containing all natural and organic ingredients, this foundation will balance your skin tone and even it out, all in a handy compact stick. Perfect for people with busy lifestyles who often apply their makeup on the go. Who said using good ingredients had to be hard work?


Kjaer Weis

Last, but not least in our battle of the foundations is Kjaer Weis. A company founded by Danish born Kirsten Kjaer Weis. With heavy emphasis on using skin products which are good for us in the long term, Kirsten discovered the benefits of using natural ingredients. Their paper-thin foundation has moisturising and age defying ingredients like jojoba and almond seed oils which will protect your skin from the harshness of everyday life. The finish is a semi-matte, giving your skin a glowing, dewy feel that will last as long as you do. The beauty of this foundation is that it can be applied thinly to simply even out skin tone, or can be applied slightly thicker, for better coverage.


All of these foundations boast all natural, organic ingredients, but which comes out on top? All three products come in a range of shades from light to medium to dark. They’re all made to suit and look after different kinds skin, so whatever skin type you have – these foundations are sure to make you look and feel your best. Soft focus foundation from Vapour Beauty is perfect for those who want easy to apply makeup. The narcissist foundation stick is really great for those constantly living on the go. And the paper-thin foundation will leave you feeling like you’re wearing no makeup at all. Which one do you think is best?

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