Rise of the Natural Lipsticks By Karen Murrell

Over recent years, there has been a significant rise in the number of people that are trying to keep up with cleaner lifestyles. Whether it’s eating more healthily, walking to work instead of driving or going for a walk as a form of entertainment, clean living is on the rise.

Makeup hasn’t missed out on this and environmentally friendly, natural makeup is more prominent now than ever before. Karen Murrell has been a lover of makeup since she was a young girl and she spotted this trend, she also realised a gap in the market for natural lipsticks that provide great long lasting coverage with a couple of added bonuses.

Having perfected the KM lipsticks recipe, Karen Murrell has managed to provide the industry with great natural lipsticks that can compete with even the most mainstream brands. By offering lipsticks that do everything you would expect from a traditional recipe while using only natural ingredients, Murrell has managed to come up with products that look, smell and feel great all the while nourishing your lips to perfection.

With a range of incredible colors and a stunningly appealing moisture stick, there is a shade to suit everyone for every occasion! Sticking to bold, beautiful colors that are classy and elegant, there is definitely a great appeal to the business woman in us all. Don’t let that put you off buying if you’re planning on wearing it everyday or to parties, as the lipstick is so fluid to apply and comfortable to wear that you won’t want to swap it for anything else! If only the rest of makeup was this easy to use, it could save us ladies hours in the mornings!

Concentrating on four main aspects, Karen Murrell has tried to make sure that whatever you want from your lipstick you won’t be disappointed. These four aspects are touch, scent, wear and color, and all the boxes have been ticked to their highest potential. With providing us with lipstick that feels like it’s not even there, smells incredible, lasts all day long (and looks fresh, too!) and having a brilliant pop of color that isn’t overbearing, there’s no denying the amazing feat that has been achieved with these lipsticks.

Of course that doesn’t mean that Murrell has forgotten about how important the environment is to a sustainable future, and this is also a core principle for her products. With packaging that is sustainably sourced (including the vegetable based inks) and making sure the product is never tested on animals, this brand is truly forward thinking.

So if you’re in need of a new lipstick that is going to give your lips the nourishments they need through its use of natural ingredients, then try out Karen Murrell’s excellent range. You’ll be so happy with your purchase that you’ll end up coming back for all the colors and not regretting it for a moment – they really are stunning!

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